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Segelbåtsskot, som ofta löper genom block, fairleads och cleats till vinschar på däck, har en mycket viktig funktion ombord, eftersom de används för att justera seglens position i förhållande till vinden. Kraven på dem är höga eftersom de ofta utsätts för extrema påfrestningar. Vill du köpa segelbåtsskot och fall av hög kvalitet? Oavsett om det gäller racer, kryssare eller jolle - hitta rätt kvalitet hos oss.

What is the sheet on board a boat?

- Sheets hold the sails in the correct position to the wind -

They are part of the running rigging on board and are an essential part of a sailboat or dinghy's rig - without them, the position of the sails cannot be controlled. Sheets are lines that are named according to the sail on which they are used. Thus, we have the mainsheet (or mainbrace), jib sheet, mizzen sheet, spinnaker sheet (active and lazy sheet) or gennaker sheet. Sheets are attached to the sails' clews and can be controlled by 'trimming' them and adjusting the sail to the wind. Two sheets are required to operate a sail : starboard sheet and port sheet. Using these lines, the sails are trimmed and tuned. Sailing upwind you sheet in the sail (pull in) and sailing downwind, you sheet out (ease out). Sailing close-haul, the sail is trimmed in tightly. It is eased gradually when baring away.

What are sailing sheets made of?

- The right materials can make all the difference -

Sheets are subjected to extreme stress and strain because of constant sail trimming, especially in regatta sport: They must not only be strong and smooth-running, but also extremely abrasion-resistant. Boat ropes  on modern sports or leisure sailboats are frequently made of braided synthetic fibres, most notably polyester or dyneema. High-quality products often comprise a braided cover or sheath that protects the load-bearing core. Tightly braided, abrasion-resistant, low stretch fibre material with a Dyneema core and polyester or Dyneema sheath is ideal in regatta sailing. These sheets are tightly braided, with a smooth surface and very low stretch. In dinghy sailing, on the other hand, good grip is very important, as is flexibility, light weight and strength.

Custom splicing

- We custom-make your rope according to your wishes -

Want to choose the right sheet for your boat? We have partnered with GLEISTEIN to offer the most complete rope service available to our customers. Whether sheets by the metre or braided rope made to measure, we provide all under services,rigging and splicing. Just give us a call or fill out the datasheet and send it back to us.

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