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Handhållna GPS-enheter är det perfekta portabla alternativet till en sjökortsplotter. Om utrymmet och strömförsörjningen är begränsad gör en bärbar GPS-enhet inte bara navigeringen på din båt mycket enklare, sådana enheter är också användbara för att öka säkerheten vid fiske på båtar i kustvatten, vid cruisersegling eller kanotpaddling på insjöar. Vill du köpa en handhållen GPS? Hitta den perfekta handhållna plotterenheten från marknadsledande GARMIN här. Läs mer om Handhållen GPS...

Which GPS device should I use for fishing?

The pros and cons of a good handheld GPS fishing device can differ depending on where you intend to use it, but not exclusively. Anglers are often on the move very early in the morning or heading back in the evening when the sun's going down. So being able to mark the jetty as a waypoint as well as your favourite place to fish is a plus. Then you can easily find your way back safely in sudden fog or darkness. A handheld chartplotter like the GARMIN 79s is perfect for anglers. It shows your surroundings including coastlines and lake/river shorelines. And BlueChart g3 nautical charts displays a detailed view of bottom contours and depth soundings on many lakes for improved fishing. Enhanced detail also shows the location of known rocks on the bottom. The GARMIN 79s is water-resistant and floats. So falling overboard won't stop it. Depending on the boat on which the GPS unit is used, GARMIN offers a wide range of additional products. Starting with holders for operation, to handheld GPS chargers and transport protection.

What are the advantages of a handheld GPS device?

Handheld navigation devices are clearly built for the outdoors. Almost all models are at least splash-proof, modern devices are even floatable. They also feature large buttons for comfortable operation, even with wet gloves. Thanks to high-resolution charts and colour-highlighted depth ranges, they also solve the space problem of installing a larger chartplotter on many boats. But even without a chart module, they always show the helmsman in the cockpit reliable information on course, speed and distance, or direction to the destination. A simple handheld GPS sailing unit without a map display stores routes and points precisely to predefined waypoints. Chart display is a perfect addition on modern handheld GPS devices for anglers. It helps to maintain orientation and shows the position of rocks or bottom structure using depth contours. With increased memory, you can even add maps of larger areas for extended sailing trips. For this purpose, GARMIN also supplies models with the InReach series that can also send positions via satellite radio. Stay in touch gloablly with relatives and friends at home. You can let them know where you are and even make an emergency call in remote regions without a mobile phone or VHF radio.

Can I use my mobile phone as a handheld GPS?

You might be tempted by one of the many navigation apps available for your smartphone, which can also be used as a makeshift GPS device for your boat. All good and well, but don't forget about battery life. It won't last long, as constant navigation and frequent screen use often increase energy consumption to such an extent that the first battery warning appears within an hour. Many phones are also not suitable for outdoor use and can be susceptible to water damage, especially salt water. This is where handheld marine GPS devices really come into their own. Handling is also a factor, as your device should be easy to operate with gloves or wet fingers. Not really true of most phone touchscreens.

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Even on larger yachts with fixed position chartplotters, a fully charged handheld GPS is usually part of the safety equipment. If water ingress causes a power failure, such a device can be used to quickly determine position for the distress call. One should ideally be placed in a waterproof container (grab bag), for example with a handheld radio and other items for use in the life raft.

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