Allt om Kapok-kuddar

Everything you need to know about Kapok Cushions On Board

They are an absolute "must-have" on-board for every sailboat or yacht. The Kapok cushion is a stylish companion that makes life on and below deck more comfortable. A Kapok cushion can be used either as a seat cushion or as a convenient platform on deck. Even at home, its pure kapok filling makes it ideal for use as a cushion for garden furniture or kitchen chairs. Kapok cushions are very buoyant and float on the water’s surface if they happen to fall in. The cushions are compact and can easily be stowed in a locker if needed.

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Kapok – the natural wonder fiber
Kapok – the natural wonder fiber

What is Kapok?

Kapok fibers are derived from the fruit of the kapok tree, which grow in the tropics of Asia, and are neither fertilized nor sprayed. The 1.5 cm - 4 cm long fibers are harvested without pesticides, fertilizers or other chemicals, thus maintaining their pure natural state as a 100% ecological product. Kapok is a fruit fiber, similar to cotton, although it weighs about 50% less than cotton. The SVB Kapok Cushion’s material has a natural wax coating and an amazing variety of excellent features such as: being lightweight, flexible, durable, buoyant, fast drying, self-cleaning, heat regulating and breathable. The natural wax coating also doesn’t become damp or musty on-board with regular ventilation. The same goes for this material’s ability to prevent mold, moths and mites from clinging to it.

Each SVB Kapok Cushion is unique

For over 15 years, SVB has been collaborating with a kapok factory, run by a family in Asia. Each SVB kapok pillow is unique because it is individually tailored, stuffed, sewn, checked and cleaned by hand. The outer material is made out of 100% pure cotton which is filled with kapok fiber. It doesn’t matter whether red, burgundy, yellow, green, blue, anthracite, royal blue, beige, double or single padded – your new kapok cushion will always be by your side on-board or at home!

Kapok colors
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And how are Kapok Cushions produced? The production process of kapok cushions is completed over the course of several steps.

Kapok cushion

Step 1:

First, the square-shaped pieces are cut, sewn together and provided with laces. Then the buttons’ positions are marked on both sides. The fabric buttons which are used, keep the outer shell of the cushion together with the kapok interior.

Kapok cushion

Step 2:

The empty pillows are then stuffed with kapok and sewn together.

Kapok cushion

Step 3:

Subsequently, the fabric buttons are hand sewn on both sides by experienced seamstresses. This requires a lot of experience because these buttons provide the cushion with stability and connect the outer cover to the kapok fabric inside.

Kapok cushion

Step 4:

When the cushion is finished, it must be cleaned of any remnants of the kapok material. It is cleaned, dusted and packaged securely.

Kapok cushion

How to clean Kapok cushions properly

Water will not harm the kapok fiber, however, washing the cushions in the washing machine is not recommended. The outer shell of the kapok cushion can be easily wiped clean with a sponge and a little soap.

Avoid machine washing

Rub out spots by hand

Only wash Kapok-cushions by hand with lukewarm water